Chadstone x Azuma Makoto Botanical Sculpture 2024

Chadstone Shopping Centre partnered with the NGV to celebrate their culture, with significant botanical installations by NGV Triennial artist Azuma Makoto Studio.

Standing underneath the sculptures, you could feel the overwhelming presence of nature within an environment usually reserved for retail-related experiences. We built a 7m modular steel structure that created a lattice of cavities from which — thousands of botanicals flowed. More than 50 Australian native floral species were used, in unexpected combinations of colour, texture and form. A collection of LED lights illuminated the frames, creating a striking beam of light against the softness of the flora.


Commissioned by Chadstone in partnership with NGV
Design by AMKK studio
Production design by Gloss Creative and Studio John Fish
Floral by AMKK studio with Flowers Vasette
Photography by Marcel Aucar