Commanding Scenography.

We are Gloss Creative, the masters of brand expression. A multi-disciplinary team in Melbourne, established in 2001 by creative director Amanda Henderson. A small but mighty group of creatives at the helm of redefining scenography.

We use design to carve out marketing opportunities for brands, both large and small. We infuse creativity with commerciality using a modern visual lens. Taking large-scale visual elements and merging them with intricate human-scale details.

Our unstoppable curiosity for the world around us transfers into other-worldly creations. We defy the limitations of categorisation by crafting powerful, immersive, ephemeral installations. Dramatic, mesmerising scenery.

Movement, romance and dialling up emotion are consistent hallmarks of our design. We promise to hold tight to the vision throughout the creative process. To be obsessed with finding the visual essence of a concept. To draw on our collective vision for creating work that is unexpected, commanding, and enduring.

We go beyond the realms of what is expected. Navigating the logistics for every project takes a group of people who think big. Exploring every idea with wonder and turning every challenge into a solution. We are forever creating, dreaming, collaborating and captivating audiences.

If you are a brand custodian looking to create something exciting and innovative, then we’d love to meet you. A conversation with our team is where all great ideas start. Please email us


Ephemeral installations.

Above all else, we are creative strategists providing design direction and development, execution and end-to-end project management to some of Australia’s most recognised brands. We have worked in the luxury, fashion, arts, events and retail spaces on various projects:

- Large-scale event installation
- Set designs for runways, theatre productions etc
- Retail installations
- Marquee designs
- And a podcast  The Creative Trust – tune in


Polished Precision.

We breathe life into our installations with abstraction. Starting with one or two simple ideas, we engage in thorough research, ideation and conversations. Many hours of conversations allow the concept to morph and transform into an incredibly original outcome.

As designers, we consider every element of an installation. Each item and material we choose is fit for purpose. For each event we undertake, we determine if the item can either be hired or re-used.

Our collective is made up of collaborators too. A network of inspiring creatives whose passion, incredible skills and vision match ours. Together, we are continually expanding on what it takes to be a creative force.

Why we do it

Creative Renewal.

We believe it is important to nurture Australian talent. Sharing our knowledge and experience with the next generation makes us better creatives. To keep our industry alive and thriving, each year we invite a small group of students from a range of creative degrees to work alongside our team. They participate in certain projects, learning about the creative process first-hand.

If you are a current student in Australia, please apply with a short description about you, some folio work and a CV if you have one. Email us


Amanda founded Gloss Creative in 2001 after working as the National VM Manager for Country Road and Sportsgirl respectively. Through her extensive experience and incredible portfolio, Amanda has mastered the art of creative renewal. With a talent for brand expression, she understands the style and tone of every project to deliver enduring visual impact.

She believes in having fun, in getting hands-on and in designing as if you don’t have to pay for it or install it. For her, any grand idea can be brought to life, you just have to start with a vision.


The creative engine room is driven by a team who know how to collaborate. We call this kind of magic collective brilliance.

Kate Robertson  Graphic Designer & Art Direction

Miki Henderson  Creative Concept Co-ordinator

Albina Azzolini  Finance Manager

Jehanne Postma Creative Director

Amanda Henderson  Founder and Creative Director

Collective Brilliance.


Creative Evolution.

Honing her craft for decades, Amanda Henderson has worked with creatives, brand custodians and businesses from a variety of industries. She currently leads conversations focussed on the creative process via our podcast Creative Trust. As a design studio, we have also come to understand some truths that we’ve found to be useful. Naturally, Amanda loves sharing this knowledge.

Awarded a fellow of the Design Institute of Australia in 2015 and having undertaken numerous keynote speaking engagements at AG Ideas, Melbourne Design Week, Melbourne Fashion Festival and various DIA events, Amanda is a seasoned public speaker.

Be it a higher education institution, workplace or industry function, Amanda is available to share her incredibly valuable insights from her time as a business owner and creative at the helm of scenography in Australia.

If you would like to book Amanda for a speaking engagement, please email