MyerSS Runway 2015

For the Myer Spring Summer 2015 launch, we entwined unique design elements, fresh colour palettes and spring icons to create an immersive sensory experience.

Imagine three sculptural floral installations suspended from the roof — comprised of 5,000 Bird of Paradise. The scented mist of the flowers signalled to the array of guests that spring had indeed arrived. The sheer volume of flowers transformed Carriageworks in Sydney into a striking scene. Exquisite lighting added extra drama to the sublime springtime atmosphere. The 100m runway meandered around the venue’s grand industrial columns, creating a striking vision and sensory familiarity.


Commissioned by Myer in-house team
Production & Event Management by Mr & Mrs Fish
Botanical Sculptures by Doctor Cooper
Choreography & Runway Soundtrack by Michael Boyd
Styling by Thelma McQuillan
Catering by Cook & Waiter
Photography by Lucas Dawson